Character Journal: Day One

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So, sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been rather busy, and have been procrastinating my posts for MONTHS! I promise I am the QUEEN of procrastination ūüė¶


I¬†managed to get into¬†a show!!!! Yep, what a concept. I am the lead antagonist for once which is exciting of course, but I really need to be on the ball for this, meaning a CHARACTER JOURNAL!!!!!!! I’ve been thinking about doing it online for a while now, because typing is easy for me and much faster. So, here’s to emotion, theatre, and roles!

Since today was just a read-thru, (first rehearsal), so my character (and I!!!) didn’t get too challenged. Here goes. Don’t judge me for the crappy writing, I’m still learning and would love any comments you guys could give me!!!


Greetings, my name is Shan-Yu and I am 38 years old. I have dark brown hair, yellow eyes and a muscular, giant figure. I’m quite¬†brilliant, actually. When I was a child I lived with my Mother and Father in a clan in Mongolia. When I was 9 years old, I was forced to move in with my betrothed’s family. Meanwhile, my Father was poisoned, so I went back to claim my title as family leader. My half brother happened to think that he deserved to¬†be the leader of our family. He really thought it right until the ¬†minute that I killed him. Poor, ignorant child. Well, even I have to admit that I felt a little guilty after I ended him, after all, he was the first to die to allow the great Shan-Yu to lead, and definitely not the last. Nor the greatest. That would be the last that I would ever feel the pathetic emotion of guilt. Regret and guilt are so pointless, there is really no point to reliving the past in your mind, it distracts you from all of the things you could be doing in the present. Like, invading China for instance.

Well, that’s all for my character journal today, more tomorrow and pretty much every day for the next 2-ish months. I’m excited, but already getting lazy, really didn’t want to do my homework today, and it was just read-thru! How am I going ¬†to survive when I’ve got Mutual, and blocking/singing rehearsal? I’m almost glad¬†that we only have a short time to do this show (only a month ’til opening night, although to be fair, we’re only doing a few scenes out of it), but at the same time, I am scared, since I’m going to have to do a lot of work at home for this show!!!

Good thing I’m friends with the stage manager.

I met a new girl at school today, she was really sweet and had green and purple hair! Those colors look really good together sometimes! We had a tornado drill in Gym class today, and I always hate those, although I am glad that we have them, I can’t imagine what it would be like to not know what to do in event of an actual tornado!!!

I’m really super tired though,



Should Sports be a Career?

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People argue that playing sports is not a career. They believe that throwing a ball around a stadium isn’t as important as being a doctor or a scientist. Actors, Athletes, Dancers, and Musicians are paid millions while firefighters, police officers and soldiers struggle to support their families. While I agree that wages are far from perfect, I also believe that it’s unfair to say that someone’s talent and/or passion can’t be a career. It’s not like a pro-football player just woke up one morning and said, “I think I will be a football player today.” Every day they have to train. They deal with gossip, crazy fans, lies, and all of the “lovely” other things that come with the fame. Just because doctors had to go to school and additional training, that doesn’t mean that anyone is “less adequate” than doctors, lawyers, and other “normal” white-collar jobs.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand and love the fact that doctors save peoples’ lives. Their jobs are t-totally more important than sports players. They aren’t necessarily better people, or even smarter than anyone else because of their profession. That does not mean that sports, art forms, and blue-collar jobs are not careers.

Thanks for listening to me rant. Whaddya think about that?



Never go to the movies with a bear that wears lotion, or else you will not pay attention to Chris Pratt

To make up for the fact that I haven’t posted in many days, I am going to write several posts today. Bear with me (no pun intended.) I included a spoiler, so sorry!

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So, on Monday, I was talking to the Techie (T), the Bear (B), the Lead Antagonist (LA), and Ghost (G). Well, I didn’t exactly talk to Ghost, because she wouldn’t talk back (she was busy or something.) So, we talked about crap and somehow we got on the topic of Jurassic World. I was the only one who hadn’t seen it yet, and they weren’t exactly too keen on the thought of seeing it again because MOVIES ARE FREAKING EXPENSIVE, but we ended up deciding that we would all go see it together, because they didn’t want me to see it alone (direct words from T). What? Why can’t I see it alone? I was so confused at this point in the conversation, but I kind of just went along with it so I could see my BABES. We invited Lead Protagonist (guess: LP, you got it). It seemed like forever, but we all finally en route to Jurassic World.¬†We got to the theater and met up with LA and LP and paid for tickets. We watched it in 3D so we grabbed our glasses and sat down. It took a while for us to stop laughing (we probably annoyed the heck out of everyone who was in the theater with us), because we ended up with 5 people, 4 pairs of adult glasses, and 2 pairs of child glasses. I don’t even know how. Sadly, Ghost couldn’t come so yeah, only 5 people :(. The movie started and we managed to shut up for about 10 minutes. About the amount of time until Chris Pratt came onto the screen. LA, LP, and T were all laughing and telling jokes, but I couldn’t hear, so I talked to B. Apparently, she was wearing lotion and some of it wore off on me. About halfway through the movie, T noticed the lotion, and exclaimed, “I need to use whatever you’ve been using”. I was so freaked out because I wasn’t wearing perfume or anything that smelled like that (the lotion smelled like vanilla, by the way), so the climax of the movie was spent trying to figure out why I smelled like vanilla. Then we realized that B was wearing cupcake lotion. This was about the time that the T-Rex came out of the crate and, since I hadn’t seen that coming, I thought,¬†wait, is this the ending of Godzilla 2?¬†It’s true! The endings of the movies are pretty dang similar.

Hahahahaha, you thought that this was the end of the post? YOU’RE WRONG! So, after the movie, we went into a bookstore. Yes, theatrepeople are lame, so we go into bookstores in our free time. Nobody bought anything, so we went into the mall where people bought food. Then they talked about their impressive theatre careers, and I felt young and insignificant. So, never go to the movies with a bear that wears lotion, or else you will not pay attention to Chris Pratt.



Parts of a blog post :D (as if you cared)

So, I had a goal that I was going to blog on ever day of summer ūüôā that was funny of me! Anyways, summer started (officially) on Sunday (I don’t blog on Sundays), so I just decided to do it on Monday and pretend that I had blogged on Sunday. Well Monday was spent procrastinating and then going to the movies with the Bear, the Lead Protagonist, the Lead Antagonist, and the Techie (will blog about that soon!), and so here I am, blogging on a Wednesday.

In the process of writing this post, I was reading a book about a blogger (actually while I was doing tech for a show that my friends were in) and I think that I will steal her layout style.

Start with a topic (obviously) this is both easy and hard. Some people blog about their lives, their shoes (ahem For the Love of Nike), random crap, world news, etc. You can’t go wrong.

{going to start doing this I promise guys}

Mood: basically how you feel either about the topic or just how you felt at that moment.

Music: Whatever song you listened to when writing the post.

Meat: What you’re writing about and how you wrote it. Can be in paragraphs or bullets (I am going to start writing in paragraphs because they’re harder for me and I love you guys).

Sign-off: What you do to end you post.

example: XOXO,


How to have a great day (not morning :))

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Goals and Dreams for Summer 2015

I have been so excited to write this for a REALLY LONG TIME, so I have been awaiting this moment for a while. In my book, it’s officially summer since it is June so HAPPY FREAKING SUMMER 2015!!!!

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How Days of the Week Feel (during the school year)

Okay I have your poll post ideas scheduled, they should be posted in about the second week of June, so stay tuned for those. Thanks for reading, and enjoy! If you tend to enjoy my posts, please follow or share on social media, please!

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