Character Journal: Day One

Music: Really just all of the music that I could find on YouTube

Mood: Too tired to actually be functioning without sugar

So, sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been rather busy, and have been procrastinating my posts for MONTHS! I promise I am the QUEEN of procrastination ūüė¶


I¬†managed to get into¬†a show!!!! Yep, what a concept. I am the lead antagonist for once which is exciting of course, but I really need to be on the ball for this, meaning a CHARACTER JOURNAL!!!!!!! I’ve been thinking about doing it online for a while now, because typing is easy for me and much faster. So, here’s to emotion, theatre, and roles!

Since today was just a read-thru, (first rehearsal), so my character (and I!!!) didn’t get too challenged. Here goes. Don’t judge me for the crappy writing, I’m still learning and would love any comments you guys could give me!!!


Greetings, my name is Shan-Yu and I am 38 years old. I have dark brown hair, yellow eyes and a muscular, giant figure. I’m quite¬†brilliant, actually. When I was a child I lived with my Mother and Father in a clan in Mongolia. When I was 9 years old, I was forced to move in with my betrothed’s family. Meanwhile, my Father was poisoned, so I went back to claim my title as family leader. My half brother happened to think that he deserved to¬†be the leader of our family. He really thought it right until the ¬†minute that I killed him. Poor, ignorant child. Well, even I have to admit that I felt a little guilty after I ended him, after all, he was the first to die to allow the great Shan-Yu to lead, and definitely not the last. Nor the greatest. That would be the last that I would ever feel the pathetic emotion of guilt. Regret and guilt are so pointless, there is really no point to reliving the past in your mind, it distracts you from all of the things you could be doing in the present. Like, invading China for instance.

Well, that’s all for my character journal today, more tomorrow and pretty much every day for the next 2-ish months. I’m excited, but already getting lazy, really didn’t want to do my homework today, and it was just read-thru! How am I going ¬†to survive when I’ve got Mutual, and blocking/singing rehearsal? I’m almost glad¬†that we only have a short time to do this show (only a month ’til opening night, although to be fair, we’re only doing a few scenes out of it), but at the same time, I am scared, since I’m going to have to do a lot of work at home for this show!!!

Good thing I’m friends with the stage manager.

I met a new girl at school today, she was really sweet and had green and purple hair! Those colors look really good together sometimes! We had a tornado drill in Gym class today, and I always hate those, although I am glad that we have them, I can’t imagine what it would be like to not know what to do in event of an actual tornado!!!

I’m really super tired though,



Should Sports be a Career?

Mood: Frustrated

Music: “Lazy” Marilyn Monroe

People argue that playing sports is not a career. They believe that throwing a ball around a stadium isn’t as important as being a doctor or a scientist. Actors, Athletes, Dancers, and Musicians are paid millions while firefighters, police officers and soldiers struggle to support their families. While I agree that wages are far from perfect, I also believe that it’s unfair to say that someone’s talent and/or passion can’t be a career. It’s not like a pro-football player just woke up one morning and said, “I think I will be a football player today.” Every day they have to train. They deal with gossip, crazy fans, lies, and all of the “lovely” other things that come with the fame. Just because doctors had to go to school and additional training, that doesn’t mean that anyone is “less adequate” than doctors, lawyers, and other “normal” white-collar jobs.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand and love the fact that doctors save peoples’ lives. Their jobs are t-totally more important than sports players. They aren’t necessarily better people, or even smarter than anyone else because of their profession. That does not mean that sports, art forms, and blue-collar jobs are not careers.

Thanks for listening to me rant. Whaddya think about that?



Never go to the movies with a bear that wears lotion, or else you will not pay attention to Chris Pratt

To make up for the fact that I haven’t posted in many days, I am going to write several posts today. Bear with me (no pun intended.) I included a spoiler, so sorry!

Mood: confused

Music: Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson

So, on Monday, I was talking to the Techie (T), the Bear (B), the Lead Antagonist (LA), and Ghost (G). Well, I didn’t exactly talk to Ghost, because she wouldn’t talk back (she was busy or something.) So, we talked about crap and somehow we got on the topic of Jurassic World. I was the only one who hadn’t seen it yet, and they weren’t exactly too keen on the thought of seeing it again because MOVIES ARE FREAKING EXPENSIVE, but we ended up deciding that we would all go see it together, because they didn’t want me to see it alone (direct words from T). What? Why can’t I see it alone? I was so confused at this point in the conversation, but I kind of just went along with it so I could see my BABES. We invited Lead Protagonist (guess: LP, you got it). It seemed like forever, but we all finally en route to Jurassic World.¬†We got to the theater and met up with LA and LP and paid for tickets. We watched it in 3D so we grabbed our glasses and sat down. It took a while for us to stop laughing (we probably annoyed the heck out of everyone who was in the theater with us), because we ended up with 5 people, 4 pairs of adult glasses, and 2 pairs of child glasses. I don’t even know how. Sadly, Ghost couldn’t come so yeah, only 5 people :(. The movie started and we managed to shut up for about 10 minutes. About the amount of time until Chris Pratt came onto the screen. LA, LP, and T were all laughing and telling jokes, but I couldn’t hear, so I talked to B. Apparently, she was wearing lotion and some of it wore off on me. About halfway through the movie, T noticed the lotion, and exclaimed, “I need to use whatever you’ve been using”. I was so freaked out because I wasn’t wearing perfume or anything that smelled like that (the lotion smelled like vanilla, by the way), so the climax of the movie was spent trying to figure out why I smelled like vanilla. Then we realized that B was wearing cupcake lotion. This was about the time that the T-Rex came out of the crate and, since I hadn’t seen that coming, I thought,¬†wait, is this the ending of Godzilla 2?¬†It’s true! The endings of the movies are pretty dang similar.

Hahahahaha, you thought that this was the end of the post? YOU’RE WRONG! So, after the movie, we went into a bookstore. Yes, theatrepeople are lame, so we go into bookstores in our free time. Nobody bought anything, so we went into the mall where people bought food. Then they talked about their impressive theatre careers, and I felt young and insignificant. So, never go to the movies with a bear that wears lotion, or else you will not pay attention to Chris Pratt.



Parts of a blog post :D (as if you cared)

So, I had a goal that I was going to blog on ever day of summer ūüôā that was funny of me! Anyways, summer started (officially) on Sunday (I don’t blog on Sundays), so I just decided to do it on Monday and pretend that I had blogged on Sunday. Well Monday was spent procrastinating and then going to the movies with the Bear, the Lead Protagonist, the Lead Antagonist, and the Techie (will blog about that soon!), and so here I am, blogging on a Wednesday.

In the process of writing this post, I was reading a book about a blogger (actually while I was doing tech for a show that my friends were in) and I think that I will steal her layout style.

Start with a topic (obviously) this is both easy and hard. Some people blog about their lives, their shoes (ahem For the Love of Nike), random crap, world news, etc. You can’t go wrong.

{going to start doing this I promise guys}

Mood: basically how you feel either about the topic or just how you felt at that moment.

Music: Whatever song you listened to when writing the post.

Meat: What you’re writing about and how you wrote it. Can be in paragraphs or bullets (I am going to start writing in paragraphs because they’re harder for me and I love you guys).

Sign-off: What you do to end you post.

example: XOXO,


How to have a great day (not morning :))

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Goals and Dreams for Summer 2015

I have been so excited to write this for a REALLY LONG TIME, so I have been awaiting this moment for a while. In my book, it’s officially summer since it is June so HAPPY FREAKING SUMMER 2015!!!!

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How Days of the Week Feel (during the school year)

Okay I have your poll post ideas scheduled, they should be posted in about the second week of June, so stay tuned for those. Thanks for reading, and enjoy! If you tend to enjoy my posts, please follow or share on social media, please!

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Summer Bucket List

This is different from my Summer 2015 Goals and Dreams post (coming soon, I promise)beach Without further ado, here goes it:

  • Stay up all night
  • Ride 3 different airplanes
  • Go to the beach
  • Spend a day in the city
  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Have a cookout with smores
  • Play with powder paint
  • Re-decorate!!!
  • Go on a shopping trip
  • Blog my 50th post
  • Go to a party
  • Try hair chalk
  • Wear crazy face paint in public places
  • Form a flash mob
  • Do tie-dye
  • Go downtown
  • Do a couple of photoshoots with my photographer friend vanillaicebean88
  • Make DIY clothes

What’s on your bucket list? Are my ideas good? Do ya have any suggestions?

Hope you’re excited about my next post!



Tips to Having a Fantastic Morning

  • Wake up early- this gives you more time to do stuff, so you’re not stressing about all of the stuff you need to do in the morning.
  • Drink 8oz of water, pronto!- this helps you wake up, deeps you hydrated, and helps you determine how much you need to eat for breakfast.
  • Take a shower- this helps to wake your up. Plus, you can do your hair right afterwards.
  • Exercise a little- don’t do too¬†much, just a couple of sit-ups, or a short jog. It clears your mind, and helps you to wake up.
  • Sun Salutation- this is a yoga thing, if you don’t know what it is, Google it. It’s quiet and peaceful, and starts your day off right. It also stretches you out.
  • MAKE YOUR BED!!!!!!!!!- this is the best advice that I can give you. This makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something and it makes your room feel a little cleaner.
  • Have some self-encouragement- I have quotes and stuff in a jar that I keep for this very reason. If i wake up on time, I get a quote.
  • Laugh!- it makes you happy
  • Read, listen to music, chillax- need less stress? I would do this for a less-stress day.


  • go back to sleep
  • skip breakfast
  • forget to smile ūüėÄ
  • fall back asleep (again)
  • take a nap (take a hint)
  • get down on yourself
  • stress out
  • hate yourself or others

Are you going to try this? Should I change this to my morning routine?



Color Personalities

Red- Bold and classic, she stands out in a crowd. She fits in with black and white. She dates white on-again off-again.

Light pink- Soft, gentle, a tad girly, but she makes up for it. Bland compared to red, who she hates.

Orange- Exotic and funny, she lights up a room with her smile.  She has a best friend, green, but really works well with everyone she meets.

Yellow- Shy, but funny, yellow is the fraternal twin of light pink and is married to light blue. Dark blue, white, and yellow are friends.

Green- Earth-friendly and kinda a hippie, she listens to classic¬†rock and is best friends with orange. Sometimes she’s friends with red, but not always. She has the tendency to get jealous.

Light blue- twins with light pink. He’s kind of childish, although he hates yellow with a serious vengeance.

Dark blue-¬†popular and a jock, he hangs out with yellow and white most of the time. He’s perceived often as a flirt, although he really only ever dates light pink. He hates black.

Purple- shy and quiet, purple stays to himself most of the time. He loves animals and secretly has a huge crush on red.

Black- best friends with white and yellow, and is the brother of red. He hates dark blue.

White- best friends with dark blue and yellow, he also likes black. He sometimes dates Green.

Different Types of Girl Friends (not girlfriends)

Discloser: This is not trying to promote stereotypes at all and this is completely not based on anyone

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How to Start an Argument (a strange tutorial)

I’m sure you’re asking why you’ll ever need to know this. It is a great skill to have! Someday you’re going to have to start an argument with someone. So when you do, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to argue.

Step one- Find something that your opponent has a strong opinion about. Then choose the opposite view that they have. It creates some differences between you, it also creates ease in arguing if you already have a topic in mind.

Step two- Start up a conversation with your opponent. You can either start with a little bit of small talk and subtly start throwing hints, or you could just walk up to them and start the argument.

Step three- Argue. Don’t use reason or logic- this will make them feel like they can win with logic, and, duh, they won’t if you don’t use it.

Step four- If it’s going your way, wait it out. Your opponent will get frustrated and leave. If it’s not, sigh and walk away. Make them feel like it was their fault to begin with, and they should feel like they lost the argument.

Step five (optional)- Repair any friendships that you broke, but only if you want to. A great way to do this is to write them a note saying, “No hard feelings, right?”

Helpful Tips:

  • Make your voice choppy and clipped
  • Speak quietly, don’t raise your voice
  • Make it sound like you have something better to do
  • Correct their grammar as much as possible
  • Keep pretending like you can’t hear them, but don’t sound sarcastic
  • Invite your friends- 3:1 is perfect!

Hope you loved this tutorial… what was your craziest argument about?



This idea was given by vanillaicebean88

How I Rank the Seasons and Perceive the Months

I haven’t been blogging in a while so I am making it one of my goals for the summer to blog more!

AUTUMN- 4 out of 10 (a little below average, if you can’t math)

September-¬†At the beginning of September I think, “I am going to be the PERFECT student this school year!” I will enjoy obsessively¬†organizing my new school supplies and making sure that everything is perfect for the first day of school. My fashion usually consists of the sweaters that I couldn’t enjoy in summer, and 3/4 length tees. By the end of the first week of school I miss summer and hate waking up on time, so I will ignore my alarm clock and end up being late for EVERYTHING! In the theatre¬†perspective of things, there are a whole bunch of autumn auditions, and if you are lucky, shows!

October- By now, I really miss summer I am usually in a show or two by now, so I will be distracted with that. I will have given up hope of ever being a perfect student, so my grades will have slipped a little, due to laziness. I have to break out the sweaters and cardigans and begin thinking of Halloween costumes, eek! The end of October means the end of shows, and, of course, Halloween! Allergies, no.

November- A little post-show depression makes November kind of suck in the beginning, but after things keep on moving it sucks less. It’s all about family, and getting ready for winter. It’s football season, meaning that there are constantly sales on Oreos and chips, making me want to eat junk food. I usually don’t exercise much during this month, because it’s starting to get cold.

WINTER– 7 out of 10 (almost semi-perfect-ish)

December- Slowly, but steadily, December creeps upon me. It is such a fun month of celebration, unfortunately for all you health gurus out there, there is NOTHING healthy about this month. All of the fatty foods and lack of exercise, eew! Aah, but Xmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa make up for it. Sweaters, nothing but sweaters in the fashion department. I start a bunch of weird hobbies, out of sheer boredom.

January- Lots of things start for me in this month! I usually have auditions and New Year’s resolutions to keep me busy. I like getting organized again and usually my grades are pulled together at this point. My fashion is still sweaters. Did I mention that I love sweaters? I don’t really exercise much during this time period.

February- This month is so interesting. Valentine’s Day is rather depressing as I so eloquently posted before. I’m probably obsessed with whatever show I am in and will crazy quote it. February is not a good month to be my friend :D. February is mood swings.

SPRING- 8 out 10 (pretty freaking good)

March- Usually finishing a show, so I am pretty weird for the first few weeks of this month. I actually start to wear less sweaters. I start attempting to work out, but generally stop after a while. Grades are kind of awkward, because there is so much stuff that they realized that they don’t have much time to teach, so all teachers kind of freak out. Not to mention this is the only month without a federal holiday in it (at least when we’re in school), so March is really long. Unfortunately allergy season is here by then.

April- Depressing. Finished up with spring shows, plus there’s spring break (don’t get to rant to my friends for a whole week!), and life just doesn’t really work for me in April. Usually, I have started wearing t-shirts and 3/4 length tees by now. I have started to exercise as well. I really enjoy the fact that there are usually some fresh fruits and vegetables. Grades are back up from March, really just because I am bored. I love rain, so April is actually tolerable in that respect. However, there is a lot of standardized test review, gross.

May- May is insane. So much test review, gardening, exercising, and getting ready for summer. There is a whole lot of procrastinating on my part, as well as just plain craziness. I have so many things that I think that I need, and don’t have any money left for. Aah, the stress of this month. I have put away my sweaters for good, which is a really sad thing for me. I actually get a little bit emotional about this, which sounds weird, but it is true.

SUMMER-9 out of 10 (almost infallible)

June- Well, obviously, school ends, and bug bites, sunburns, and FREEDOM begin! I love summer, so it’s almost 10 out of 10, but not quite. At the beginning of this month, I miss all of my friends, but I start really enjoying summer, so I sort of (uh-oh) forget about them. I actually wear shorts in this month!!!!!! I begin to¬†miss winter about halfway through it, but AC makes up for most of the cold that I want. I love the fresh fruits and stuff and I finally find the energy to get up and exercise!

July- So, I really love this month, there’s so much patriotism and gratitude. So many parties and vacations. Most of all, I love the ice cream that pretty much everyone eats during July!!! I am always in a fun t-shirt and maybe a skirt, or more likely, a pair of capris. I enjoy all of the fun activities in the community and all of the new music that comes out.

August- Oh man, summer’s almost over! I have got to start getting ready for the new school year and cramming in all of the fun and sun I can, before autumn comes again. I try to wear a lot of shorts to show off the tan that I probably got earlier in the summer. I love getting excited to see all of my friends again, and dreading the cold air that is going to come soon.

Was I accurate with this post? Did you enjoy it? I hope you did, I sure enjoyed writing it. What are your plans for summer? What’s your favorite song for summer?




Ah, it’s finally spring. The fireflies are out (unfortunately so are the bees), stores are selling swimsuits, and it’s socially unacceptable to wear sweaters because (at least where I live) it’s almost 90 degrees!!!! I can’t wait for summer playlists, new clothes, bike rides, and SUMMER! So many things are starting up, the weather is finally sort of stable, and so many fruits and vegetables are in season! The only bad things about spring are:

  • Pollen counts ūüė¶
  • It’s so short!!!!

Man, it is going to be great!

What are you doing for summer?


Sorry, I haven’t posted anything since, well, Valentine’s Day, I recently got some prompting from a good friend (ahem BD). I have been thinking a lot about gratitude, lately. I am a really ungrateful person. Instead of being glad that I am a healthy, breathing human being, I think about how what I look like is not “good enough”. I live in a country where I am free from oppression and represented in government. I live in a good, stable home. I have enough to eat. I have SO much opportunity! And yet, I lazy around, fretting about trivial matters.

I wish that I had more drive, more enthusiasm for each new day. I love sunrises, and yet I stay asleep and waste the opportunity of seeing  a miracle. I wish that I could realize how much that I truly have.

What are you grateful for, and what will you do about it?

Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day:

The Book Thief

$10 cupcake



So sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I am loving February so far!!!!

I wrote a¬†couplet…

I am weather,

always changing

I am a gazelle


I am sugar

so sweet

I am butterflies


I am gross

when multigrain

I am Cheerios

I am your best friend

Nice right?

Post your best poems


I am very saddend with the abuse and neglect of pencils. Children toss them away with disgust and wonder why their parents didn’t have the foresight to buy those fancy Dixon Ticonderogas that rich people can afford 2000 of. You know the ones. These ridiculously priced pieces of wood with graphite that come pre-sharpened and re-sharpen on the first try. I could never have those. I had the 67¬†a cent a box pencils that never EVER sharpened. Ever.

I have made friends with pencils. I have made art with pencils. Sadly, and luckily, I have never made food with pencils. You can snap pencils when you’re frustrated. You can’t snap your friends, now can you? I know the appeal of the stereotypical long sharp brand new Avengers pencil with a fancy unused blue eraser, but don’t you forget that pencils can conceivably be used until they literally can’t be held anymore. Please use your pencils until they are teeny-tiny.

What’s the best thing that ever came out of a pencil for you?

Books so far in 2015

So far in 2015 I have read:

  • Tentacles by Roland Smith
  • The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict by Trenton Lee Stewart
  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  • Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis
  • Scat by Carl Hiaasen
  • Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson
  • The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer
  • Mockingbird by Katherine Erskine

What did you read?

A (not so) amazing story of change

So, I have always been a slob since, well, birth basically. It is Thanksgiving, 2014. My room is a freaking pigsty. It literally looked like a tornado of girlishness arrived and left nothing but embarrassment in it’s path. We had some family and friends over at our house and one of them commented on the state of my room, she told me to clean it and to send her pictures. After she told me to do that, she took me to the movies. so now I owed her. Fast forward, I miraculously did actually clean my room. I cleaned it well, too. Ever since then my room has been immaculate. I even make my bed in the morning. I think my parents almost fainted. I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic that relative worked, but now I am tidy.

If your room isn’t clean: clean it. Having a clean room has improved my grades, my happiness, and even has made me read more! Cleaning it was not fun, and took me like, a week, but it is probably the best thing I have ever done. Except for maybe eating KitKats…